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Let´s stop for a double cheese burger

Let´s stop for a doble chesse burger

When someone dies in Poland the state contributes approximately US $1200 for the relatives’ funeral costs. The main character of the documentary is a private undertaker in Lodz who started to bribe ambulance drivers and paramedics for information about where to find dead bodies. An ambulance paramedic came up with the idea to let the relatives sign a contract before the body was taken away. Having seen thousands of mourners in shock, the paramedic knew that very few would be in shape of reading the contract. A signature on the agreement was a legal way to transfer the $1200 subsidies directly to the undertaker.

As the ambulance drivers and paramedics received their fair share of the money, they started to let their patients die in order to increase their income. The documentary’s title refers to a quote from an ambulance driver on his way to a medical emergency.